Eye Treatment$25 per treatment
($15 in conjuction with a facial)
 Anti-aging, anti-circles, and anti-puffiness. Your eyes feel like they have had a vacation
Eyelash Extensions
$120 singles
 Have you always dreamt of waking up and not having to put on mascara? Your dreams are finally answered
Eyelash Curling$90
on sale for $69 till March 30th/19
 Eyelash Curl with lash tint. Gives a fantastic bend to your lashes and the tinting darkens the lashes.
Last up to 6 weeks.
Eyebrow Tint/Eyebrow tint$15 Eyebrows
$30 Eyelashes
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint$40
 Change the color of your eyelashes from brown, black to the darkest blue black.

Have your eyebrows go from being light or white to slate, light brown to medium brown.